Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GeoGame 2.0

Great times!
Our small team look forward to do some serious development of the next generation geographic live online map game. What's in store then? Through a new partnership with Esri we will work with GIS technology to put all game functionality into a browser environment so there is no need for the sometimes cumbersome installs and Java downloads that we had to deal with in our first prototype. This also allow us to easier tap into the rich support for geospatial processing that no existing gaming platform can provide.

Maybe the folks at Epistemic Games are closest to what we are looking for. Their Land Science/Urban Science games take a new spin on planning games like Sim City by incorporating the real world in the game dynamics. The benefits are obvious. Not only do we get a joyful experience, but there may actually be some important knowledge generated for use by non-participants.

I look forward to hear Art Graesser and David Hatfield this Friday present here at OSU on Embedded Assessment in Video Games.
When: Friday, June 3, 11-1 p.m.
Registration:  https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/336